About the Blog

Due to severe disorganization on my blog when I first started. I had decided to give it more organization and divided some of my favorite topics unto different days. If you have particular interests, please visit me on the days you enjoy most.

Mani(a)c Mondays: Although Mondays used to be for motivation, I guess most of you weren’t feeling too motivated to read the posts. Because LD has been itching to try his hand at some writing, he asked (indirectly) to take the slot. So, Mani(a)c Mondays are all about LD, his thoughts, his dreams, his words.

Tuesdays Tails: That’s right! Tuesdays are going to the dogs. Tuesdays will be all about Tasha and Arccos stories, pictures, and Tasha’s rehabilitation journey, along with projects designed specifically for pets, dog training, and reviews of pet supplies. Anything pet, think Tuesdays. I am even considering starting to give space on Tuesdays for a rescue dog of the week. I’ll keep you posted on that idea.

My Thoughts Thursday (occasional): There are so many things going on in the world today that I feel like I should say something about. My biggest passions that I like to discuss are about women in today’s culture and mental health issues. If I am moved to speak about a topic, you will find it here.

Financial Fridays: In the past, some of my most popular blog posts have been about financial issues, such as money saving tips, budgeting, and other home finances. For those of you who want me to write about that more, your wish has been granted. Every Friday is for you.



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