PRK Recovery Days 4-6

Day 4:

By day 4, I was feeling significantly better and although I couldn’t see very clearly, was becoming restless from being trapped in the house. This phenomenon my mother lovingly calls the pop back usually happens right after I get through the worst part of an illness or recovery period. So, I was ready to venture out. Because, like me, my mom had been stuck in the house all weekend, she was happy to run some errands. So we went on a mission to look for a humidifier. 

I guess I forgot to say that little tip I found on day 3. When you are recovering in your dark cave, keeping the room a little moist can do wonders. It helped my eyes from drying out, which is why we were looking for a humidifier for me to take home with me. Mainly for nighttime when my eyes seemed to dry out a bit more. After the bad days, my eyes seemed to only be getting dry at night or after I took a long nap.

On our mission, we never actually did get a humidifier because we thought the selection at the nearby target was too expensive, only to find that Walgreens was worse. However, we did also stop by the nearby dollar store, because, well, it’s right here and only is a dollar and therefore, worth a look. We left we two rope toys for the dogs and a domino set for my nephew. We are bargain hunters, not trash collectors.

Then, of course we had to get ice cream, because that is our thing. We each got a shake. Me, cookie dough and mom, mint chip. Then, we went home. I probably overdid it a bit with this trip and took a nap when we got home, but I would say it was well worth it. 

I also convinced my parents around dinner time that Chinese food was a good idea. I still think it was. After Chinese food, we had to watch the Badger game. That was our team!!! I alternated between just listening and trying to keep up with the ball, but my eyes were extremely tired by then. Sadly, the game did not end the way we hoped, but we made it to the finals damn it!

Day 5:

Day 5 is the day to get the contacts out finally. I had been having some trouble the mighty before at dinner with them sliding all over the place. Some people have trouble with the contacts dying out and sticking to their eyes. My problem was they wouldn’t stay put. I guess I’m really not prone to dry eye.

They tested my eyes before takingn the lenses out and determined my eyesight was between 20/30 and 20/40. I could read most but not all of the 20/30 line. That made me happy. However, I was warned that even though I could legally drive, I have to use my own judgement. It scares me what vision some people out there on the road have. Please drive carefully and trust no one.

The eye doctor then removed my contacts, told me that my eyes were healing nicely and will slowly stabilize and become more clear. He also told me that some days will be better than others. Ok, no big deal. I was also one of those people that had an easier time seeing after the contacts were removed because the sliding around was making look at things and focusing without a lense drifting past one eye or the other was nearly impossible.

I was able to do some work on the computer before I would get tired, but keep in mind the font size was turned pretty far up. My issue at this point is getting my eyes to focus rather than the vision itself.

In the evening after work, LD came to pick me up. He brought the dogs with him and getting to see my puppies after such a long time was definitely a blessing. Arccos couldn’t stop smiling and stuck to my side like glue. The two hour car ride home in the dark was difficult because I was getting glare from the other cars headlights, but I hope that this side effect is temporary.

Day 6:

LD was kind enough to work from home in case I needed anything. At this point, I was pretty self sufficient. I would just get tired. So, I popped in an audio book and just listened in between doing loads of laundry. Of course, I did some of my work on the computer, but because my eye focusing ability was still not great, we are talking 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for the morning and 15 minutes on, and 30-45 minutes off in the afternoon. I would guess my vision is about 20/30 at this point but the focus thing is a problem.

Unless there are new things to report, I will not update you on the PRK recovery. After this point, progress is known to be slow and I would assume reading the minute changes that I notice will be so boring that I would put you to sleep, or worse you would stop reading my blog! Just kidding, I know you love me. Wow, I hope that came off in the joking tone I intended or you probably think I am extremely conceited right now. Alright, time to stop typing, my eyes need a rest.


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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