Tuesday Tails: Puppy Profiles

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore my little furballs. As I work primarily out of a home office, they are sometimes the only other living creatures I see and talk to while LD is at work. So, as many people have noticed, I instinctually know how they are going to react to things, how they are going to move, and often, what they want. I realized I have never really outlined the dog’s personalities for my readers, so I figured I would do that today.


Tasha is our Austrailian Cattle Dog/Rat Terrier Mix. She is the one who is a lot like me, spunky and sassy. When she is told a command that she doesn’t really feel like doing, she will make certain noises in an attempt to negotiate. Highly intelligent which for her is both a blessing and a curse, as she can understand concepts that most dogs usually can’t. You can tell her that she has five seconds left and then count down from five and will know when you hit one that it is time for whatever is next. She also knows that she can’t get away with playing dumb, although she sometimes gives it a try. She is also our worrier. She knows when something is wrong and will make sure it is ok. If I get irritated with her, she follows me around with puppy eyes to make sure we are cool. She also has her daddy wrapped around her little paw. More expressive than most dogs, she has been compared to Wishbone from the old tv series. When she moves, she is extremely graceful and beautiful to watch. However, she also likes to get carried around on my hip like a toddler. She is just as likely to play as she is to cuddle. Although she is slow to trust new people, once she does, she craves their attention and tries to welcome them into the group in whatever way she can.



Arccos is our Manchester Terrier mix. He would be happy if all he did was cuddle and eat. However, he also is opening up to the idea of playing with his daddy, although I seem to always be his home base. He is such a mama’s boy. When he gets excited, he starts shaking and goes bug eyed. He also seems to lose the ability to walk straight. His other favorite thing is the floor vents that blow hot air into a room. Even if he has to contort his body into some weird shape, if he is on the vent in any room, he is happy. He is naturally more curious than Tasha is and is eager to explore. Unlike Tasha, he loves people instantly and may even whine for their attention if it is not focused on him. Although less intelligent than his sister, he is still way above average for a dog. He does like to play dumb though and when first waking up, actually does not process things very quickly. He is definitely our little goofball. When he runs when he is excited, his whole butt moves to one side and then the other making him look more like a running fish out of water than graceful. Although he has been with us for four months now, I don’t think he is completely comfortable yet and his personality will continue to develop as he continues to settle in.

For those of you who know my pups, what do you think I missed? For other dog owners, what does your dog’s personality profile look like?


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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