Motivation Monday: Vulnerability

Many people few vulnerability as a weakness, but it is the biggest strength a person can possess. While doing some classwork recently, I rediscovered a TED talk that was one of the motivators for me to even start this blog. The short version? Accepting vulnerability can make you feel more connected to others and happier in general. The long version?

It is extremely scary, especially as a blogger, to be vulnerable. I say as a blogger, because many bloggers feel that they are constantly putting their lives out their and lose more of their privacy, but on the flip side, they are connecting with their readers, often people they have never met, but have the power to change the lives of those people.

Vulnerability makes us human. It opens up two possible scenarios: we get hurt by people who see an opportunity or we connect with those around us. I personally don’t see getting hurt by others as an all out terrible outcome. Being hurt allows us to see the world a little differently, and by extension, grow a little bit more. Growth comes in overcoming those situations that wish to overtake us, not by taking the easy path. Everything going smoothly gives us the reenforcement that we are how we should be. Adversity reminds us there is room to grow. Vulnerability can open up that door to adversity. So, no outcome of vulnerability is negative unless viewed in a pessimistic way.

What makes you feel vulnerable? Do you view vulnerability as a positive or a negative?


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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5 Responses to Motivation Monday: Vulnerability

  1. Julianna says:

    Love this talk.


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