First Days in the New House

I survived the weekend! How? I have no idea. After closing on Friday, I walked into the house all excited to start being a homeowner, but I never expected what I got: regret. It isn’t that I didn’t love the house. It’s just that the previous owners had 2 cats, 2 great danes, and a blood hound, and apparently never cleaned the apartment. There was seriously hair everywhere, including the side of the fridge (yes, the fridge was furry), and the kitchen floor looked like it was a pizza looking for some toppings. You know, red stains and so much dirt it looked reddish. The icing on the cake, LD and I are both allergic to cats so our allergies were going absolutely bonkers! My allergies were so bad that it triggered my asthma, which I don’t think I have had any asthma issues for at least 4 years and even then it was only when I was swimming.

So, before anything could be moved in, we had to clean. I mean scrub from floor to ceiling. In our 1250 square foot house, it took us about 16 hours total to clean. We still have a bathroom to do and the downstairs area, but at this point our allergies aren’t going insane. I am so grateful to my father-in-law who stopped by to help us out. He took out all of the carpeting on the stairs that was so filled with cat hair and pet pee stains to ever be salvageable, and his hard work made it so we could actually go to bed at a reasonable hour. No one say anything bad to me about Jerry today. In my eyes, he is an angel.

At this point, we have about half of the boxes unpacked, but I am just exhausted. We will be bringing the pupster home today which should be exciting, but I am hoping the baby gate LD ordered arrives first so I can prevent her from exploring the basement where we still need to rip out dog pee soaked dry wall. Underneath it all, it is a great house. I promise! It will just take a lot of work this week to get things up to our standards and feeling lived in, including but not limited to: ripping out and replacing basement drywall, changing the plumbing in the master bathroom sink, cleaning the master bathroom, unpacking the rest of the boxes, putting up the rest of the blinds in the house (we had to replace them because most were broken), and painting the master bedroom because the previous owners just sprayed some bleach on the walls and called it good. LD and I are simply grossed out by them.

At this point, I am falling back in love with the house. It is rough signing over that much money and then walking into a dump. More specifically, a dump that seems to hate you. But, we are starting to get into some of the more fun things about being a homeowner, and that can make all the difference. Now, I should get back to unpacking.


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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