The Dangers of The Bordetella Vaccine


Last week Thursday, Tasha went into the vet for her annual physical. They gave her a couple of her vaccines that she needed, including the Bordetella Vaccine. She went in as a very healthy dog and the vet was impressed with how under control her allergies even were. She was the only dog in the office at the time. Now, she has kennel cough. In the year we have had her, she has never had kennel cough and we doubt she got it from daycare as she showed no symptoms of it until Tuesday morning. All dog owners should be aware of the fact that dogs can develop kennel cough from the Bordetella vaccine!!! Our vet did not inform us of this and it is considered an optional vaccine!

Poor Tasha has spent the past couple of days snorting, honking, coughing, and throwing up as too much mucus gets in her stomach. I am not telling you not to vaccinate your dogs, but be aware to ask about all of the possible side effects. For us, it would have been wise for us to give her a vaccine that she has allergic reactions to at a different time as the benedryl we gave her may have had her body not fighting as strongly against the Bordetella as she should have been.

So now that she has kennel cough, what are our tips and tricks? The biggest thing is to keep her hydrated. When she needs to drink more water, we often add a splash of beef broth to her water (chicken broth would work as well, but Tasha is, of course, allergic). We do have to be careful of giving her too much at one time though. She loves the stuff! And, as we learned a few weeks ago when she drank too much of it too quickly, she bloats and has to pee so badly for the next several hours that she will even pee in her sleep. So, if your dog starts just guzzling the water down after you add broth, take them outside every 15 minutes for the next hour or two and don’t give them any more until after that time as well.

Bloated Tasha

Bloated Tasha


Normal Tasha

We also have given her some weak decaffeinated green tea. The antioxidants and vitamin C should help her get over the infection more quickly. However, never give your dog caffeine! It is very very bad for them and can make them hyperactive as well as put their health in danger.

We also have her in the bathroom with us as we shower to allow the mucus to thin and drain a bit. I would suggest the same thing to any person with a cold. I should know as I have one right now and it helps tremendously. I think the two of us would spend the entire day in their right now if we could.

Has anyone else had issues with their dog getting kennel cough from the Bordetella vaccine? Do you have any home remedies for when your dog gets kennel cough? Are we just bad pet parents for allowing our little Tasha to get sick when it could have been avoidable?


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Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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One Response to The Dangers of The Bordetella Vaccine

  1. Ellen says:

    Have you contacted your vet? How likely does she think that this is a vaccine reaction and not just coincidental illness?


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