My Still Crazy Little Pup



Our favorite little pup, Tasha, has really been letting her personality show recently. I don’t know whether it is something about the change in weather or whether she is just getting more and more relaxed, but she has definitely had some fun moments the past couple of days. I know I just shared some Tasha stories with you, but I already have tons more!

When we first got Tasha, she and LD would play with LD’s old soccer ball from when he played in high school. They would love to play with that ball together. After about 2 months though, I guess he accidentally hit her in the head with it one (or five) too many times and she became scared of the thing. I left the ball in a place that she could get it if she so chose, but she refused to touch the thing. Apparently, last night she decided it was fun again when I rolled it down the hallway to see whether we should keep it or just toss it. Let me tell you, that ball is half of Tasha’s size but she will play fetch with that thing until she drops. LD got a slow motion video of the whole thing:

As Tasha continued to get excited about playing fetch, I would stop the game every once in a while and tell her to go get water. Yes, she is smart enough to know that as a command. We have also been working on a newer command which is “get the ____”. At this point she has it about 25% when I don’t have treats and about 60% when I have treats. So, last night she got them a little confused. Because I point to help her learn the “get the ___” command and to fill in the blank for her, she knew I wanted the ball, except for when it was lying next to the kitchen. I think she was just too excited to distinguish the two commands, but when I would ask her to get the ball, she kept going into the kitchen and getting a drink of water. Probably happened about five times in a row before I went and got the ball myself. I guess maybe I’m a slow learner.

Later, when LD took her out to use the bathroom for the last time of the evening, Tasha decided that instead of sniffing around she was going to sit down right next to him. For some reason, she has started doing this frequently and when outside, will just sit down at our feet and is content to watch the world go by. However, this particular time, the place she chose to sit was already occupied by a little toad. Apparently Tasha was not too thrilled about it moving, because when it did, she jumped up and ran as far away from it as her leash would allow, before coming back to investigate why the earth moved underneath her. When she spied the toad, she got her revenge. She peed on the poor thing. But, I guess that’s just our crazy pup.



About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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