GMAT Exam Day

Although I don’t currently know where I will be living in a month and a half, I do know that I have a big exam today. After all of the yes/no/maybes with starting grad school, the schedule for the GMAT has not changed. It is today. Please excuse me for a second while I try not to throw up (I have terrible test anxiety). Instead of writing a long winded post today about nothing I can actually concentrate on and nothing you care to read, I will keep it short. Wish me luck. I have not had much time to study, but also not much time to actually freak out so hopefully it will go well. I will talk to you all tomorrow. Also, teaser there is a big announcement coming tomorrow! If you want to know what it is, come visit the blog tomorrow.

UPDATE: Finished the exam and received my unofficial scores. I did 20 points higher than was even my goal (and 90 higher than I needed for my desired program)!! Thank you LD for making me feel so loved this morning and helping me to not freak out too much!!


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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One Response to GMAT Exam Day

  1. Gedy says:

    Way to go Danielle! That has to be a great feeling.


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