Why Nadia from Wells Fargo is my Hero

In general, I hate dealing with customer service. Since getting married in May, I have had contact with more customer service reps than I would care count. I have been looped around through numerous electronic menus, finally got to talk to a real person, who then tells me I am in the wrong place and transfer me into more menus. I can tell you that my favorite customer service to deal with is Capital One because they only have one menu, they ask you to press a number for Spanish, and then send you straight to a cheery representative. While Wells Fargo is definitely not my favorite customer service system, Nadia is definitely my hero.

Back in April, Wells Fargo changed their web accounts system. We were supposed to re-register our log-ins. Mine never worked. It would constantly tell me that I already had a login. I figured it was for my 401k so I would just fix it after the wedding when I changed my name. I knew about how much was in the account and I didn’t have access to the money anyway so it was no big deal. Well, LD’s frustration that he didn’t even know how much was in the account grew and turned into a fight. He kept asking me why I didn’t get it fixed and I kept informing him that I would rather deal with customer service once.

Anyway, when I finally did call (yes, I will admit it was a month and a half after our wedding, I procrastinate a bit when I will have to deal with customer service), I waited patiently on the phone on hold waiting for “the next available representative”. I knew that things would be a little hinky with my account between doing a name change and trying to setup the web account, especially because I had no paperwork telling me the account number in a clear manner. But, I got Nadia. First, she answered the phone like a service rep who has not gotten beaten down over the course of the day. She didn’t have that desperate sound of a customer service rep who had just gotten yelled at for the last 5+ hours. This is usually a good sign, but it could also mean that she was just starting her shift or was brand new in general, so I didn’t get my hopes up too quickly.

When we searched for the account, apparently, my 401k that I never used when I was waitressing in college was also with Wells Fargo (who knew?). That old account was under my maiden name, my actual account was under my married name. Thank you work for kind of getting your act together! (Now, could you please inform my insurance? They say they need that info from you.) Nadia took it upon herself to ask and then link the accounts in order to avoid future confusion. Then, Nadia discovered that whenever I would try to login to the web account, the computer would look at the financing account we got when we bought our couch and table, she linked that as well, apologizing for the fact that it was taking so long and she had to ask certain (reasonable) questions. The whole process took maybe a minute and a half. I had already spent more time trying to login and it locked my account! She then asked whether I would like to change my login name from my maiden name to one involving my married name. I had not even thought about that! Of course, I changed it. She then reset the password and did not end the call until she knew I was in the online account and I could see all of the accounts we just linked.

Why is she my hero? Because after calling customer service after customer service for the past two weeks and fighting about the stupid 401k for 3 months, she got me into my account. She did it with concern for me and my time, but also was proactive. I have never seen a proactive customer service rep except for the one we have for our customers at work! She looked at the reasons that the problem I had would occur again instead of just saying “Look, here is your login for this account, I will reset your password. Have a nice day.” I wish all customer services were like that and I have recently dealt with many! I cannot express my gratitude enough, and she just thought it was all normal. We need more people like Nadia at Wells Fargo.


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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