Short Stories Collection 1

Pick on Someone Your Own Size:

Shortly after we got Tasha, we took her to this great dog park where they have all these paths that you can take a dog off leash. They have some benches where owners can sit and hang out and read. We came up to one owner reading while her dog was laying at her feet. Tasha comes running toward the dog and barks once, trying to be a tough girl. The dog just kind of looks at her and then stands up. The dog was probably twice Tasha’s size. Tasha’s eyes got huge and she just turned and came running back to us.

Don’t Worry. I’ve Got This!:

Tasha’s best friend is a black labradoodle named Perrin. Perrin is about 60-70 pounds with lots of black curly hair. One of Perrin’s favorite games is for other dogs to chase him and of course, Tasha, being a herding dog, is happy to chase. Once when we were at the dog park, Perrin started to play with another dog more his size. They are both starting to get a little over excited in their game and Tasha decides it is her job to calm them down. She moves into the two large dog’s path and stands her ground like “I’ve got this!” As the dogs barrel closer to her, she realizes that she doesn’t have it. Unfortunately, it was more than a second too late, as she ends up getting barrel rolled by not one but two dogs more than twice her size, one after the other. After the storm passes, she shakes herself and tries to wander away like nothing happened. While LD, Perrin’s owners, and myself are completely doubled over in laughter.

Doggie Daycare Pick-up:

On Tuesdays, we take Tasha to doggie daycare so that she can get a bit more socialization and burn off some energy at least once a week. Well, a lot of the dogs are super excited to see their owners at the end of the day. The front office where the dogs come through when getting picked up is mainly a room with a half door. The dogs come out one by one and the bigger dogs like to put their front paws up on the door and try to reach their owners over the door while the staff gather up their things. Tasha is way to small to put her paws on the door. What does she do instead? She continuously jumps so you see her head pop up and then disappear and then pop up and then disappear for about 2 minutes straight.

Protector of All:

One of the first days we took Tasha to the dog park, there was one dog that was getting really excited and jumping up on its owner. Tasha walks over and sits next to the owner for a few seconds to observe. The next time the dog tries to jump out Tasha stands up and just growls at the dog who looks sheepish and lays down next to the owner. She then runs back over to us looking extremely proud of herself.


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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