New Treats Overview

I have some more puzzle toys coming your way that I just got, but I wasn’t able to get them washed so I could start giving them to her and creating an opinion of them. Long story of why they weren’t washed though, which involved LD distracting me while the sink was filling and water ending up all over the kitchen…and in the bottom cupboards…and in some of the drawers….we now have contents all over the kitchen while we make sure the wood is completely dry before we restock the cabinets, pretty much making the kitchen unusable. What a night!

Anyway, we have had some new treats for a little while now and I figure because I promised you that I would give a review of some treats, it was time to tell you about them and my thoughts on them.

The Honest Kitchen Peck’s Buffalo and Blueberry Treats: Tasha seems to love these treats. They work really well as training treats because they are only 0.6 calories, which means I don’t waste a lot of time breaking them apart. (These are also the treats Tasha got for lunch on Tuesday at daycare.) The issue with them? Well, they have coconut oil in them. I thought it would be ok because coconut oil is really good for Tasha’s skin and fur, but I am allergic to coconut. I realized the issue when after working on agility with Tasha I went to eat lunch and started having an allergic reaction. No big deal, just a scratchy throat and hives, but now I handle these treats with gloves on so they have become quite a big inconvenience.

Charlee Bear Dog Treats Egg and Cheese: These treats are really great. They are only 3 calories which work really well for agility and training. They also don’t crumble in my pocket. According to LD, they taste fairly similar to goldfish crackers, but I don’t know because I haven’t given them a try. We also like how cheap they are. They cost about $3 for a pound, which seems to last us about a month. They are our main treats though and we are constantly doing agility with her these days to keep her active inside. I also love that they are made in Wisconsin.

Whole Life Freeze Dried Pure Cheddar Cheese: Tasha loves these treats too. That doesn’t say much though, because she loves anything that is cheese. Seriously, most dogs will refuse to eat when they are in shock, she will still eat cheese. She would eat cheese when she would refuse all other food, and our dog doesn’t refuse food, unless it is really bad. When she was at her worst for the fear aggression, she would take the food offered by bold strangers from their hands in between her growling and barking. (Just so you know, she is now pretty good with strangers. She is hesitant still and keeps a watchful eye on people and barks to tell us her discomfort.) Anyway, the issue with these treats is that they are huge and are hard to break apart. We don’t tend to use them very often though and tend to just use them as a high value treat that doesn’t need refrigeration like the cheese we normal use does.

Pet Shoppe Premium Duck Jerky Treats: These are probably our most helpful treats. We can stuff these into Tasha’s kong and they can keep her busy for a minimum of a half hour. I put one in her large kong yesterday by folding the treat in half and stick the folded side inside first so that the ends would hook on the sides of the opening. It kept her busy for just over 2 hours. These things also have only two ingredients: duck breast and vegetable glycerin (a natural preservative). We have found ourselves liking the treat options that we can get at Walgreens more and more because they tend to have products at reasonable prices and they have very limited ingredients. It makes it easier to avoid her allergies.

Seriously, she was at this for a LONG time


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Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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