Oh my Cold

So if you haven’t heard the news, over the next couple of days Wisconsin is going to be cold. Really cold. Like it is so cold that schools announced closing on Mondays before the final bell on Friday cold. Being born and raised in Wisconsin, I understand cold happens, but this reaches a new high (or should I really say low?). We aren’t supposed to see the glorious 0 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 60 hours. I never thought I would say that 0 was warm, but oh how I wish for it now.

But there are some things I am extremely grateful for:
1. I work from a home office and all of my customers know that I will not be traveling to their labs to see them on Monday and possibly Tuesday
2. We get free heat with our apartment.
3. Hot Chocolate
4. The dog doesn’t like to romp in the snow and has gotten the bathroom routine down to 3 minutes
5. I am not a San Fran. 49ers player that has to play today in Wisconsin who will have to learn the true meaning of cold (They have NO idea what they are in for). I think this is the very definition of home field advantage.

So, where will you find me over the next several hours? Home in the warmth with my heat turned up as high as I want, cuddling under a blanket with Tasha and LD, with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand (or mocha, we will see), pitying the poor San Fran players whilst cheering on my Packers in the playoffs. Sounds like a pretty good day.


About Danielle Beranek

Life can get away from you when being young, married, and still fairly fresh out of college. Taking on a pet, student loans, going back to school, and soon a new house is enough to leave ones head spinning. For me, life is crazy, but only on the outside.
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One Response to Oh my Cold

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the great stories! It's becoming part of my daily routine.


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